Physical Education

Key Stage 3 & 4

Students have 2 one hour lessons per week. We have superb facilities and the curriculum offered includes a broad range of activities. Football, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, fitness, gymnastics, dance, trampolining, outdoor and adventurous activities, tennis, athletics, rounders and cricket are covered.

Each year group has an annual sportsday. There are many extra curricular activities and we enter many teams into district, county and national level competitions. At key stage four we also offer various qualifications. Students can opt for GCSE (AQA) Physical Education and A level (AQA) Physical Education. A leadership qualification is also offered.

Comments from Previous PE GCSE Students:

‘I think this PE course is worthwhile and interesting. You learn things about your body and other sports that you may not ever have known existed. If you don’t mind some hard work being pushed a little to pull your weight and enjoy sports you’ll have to choose this course. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly even though I was worried at first about the theory but all you have to do is revise and study and you’ll get there in the end.’

‘Before I chose GCSE PE, I heard it was going to be very hard from older friends but I am finding it quite easy. Not many people know about the theory side, they think it’s all games. The theory is quite hard and there’s a lot to learn but if you revise and learn what has been taught, it sinks in pretty easily.

‘The practical side is the best because (it’s more focused) you get to do a lot of sport and learn more about it.’

‘If I had the chance to re-take my options I would definitely choose GCSE PE again.’

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PE Extra Curricular Timetable