Key Stage 3

In MFL at Roding Valley we teach Spanish and French. From 2016, students either study French or Spanish from Yr7 which gives a solid knowledge of the language when it comes to their GCSE choices.


In year 7 the topics for both languages include: Getting started, family and friends, at home, in the town, school, my day and hobbies. Topics in year 8 include: free time, going out, eating and drinking, travel and holidays, friends, TV and media, the future and health.

We also teach pupils about French/Spanish culture and way of life, offer them cross curricular opportunities, and look at poetry, short stories and songs. Grammar also has an important role when learning a new language and pupils have their own grammar books. Enrichment opportunities for French also include a day trip to St. Omer and a theatre company visit. In year 8 pupils sample a French breakfast and could go to Boulogne for the day.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE French syllabus is studied for three years in French, starting in year 9 and two years, from year 10, in Spanish. Although for students starting from 2016, both will be three year courses. Both subjects follow the AQA GCSE syllabus and topics include:

  • Identity and Culture
  • Local, National, international and global areas of interest
  • Current and future study and employment

These are academically challenging subjects, the aim of which is to develop the ability to use French/Spanish effectively for the purposes of practical communication, in situations encountered by a tourist or someone living abroad, e.g. making a phone call, changing money, going to a doctor. The courses offer insights into the culture and civilisation of France/Spain. In addition, pupils are also invited to attend a revision/exam tips conference in London. Pupils also have to identify and use transferable language learning skills, e.g. manipulating language, grammar, applying knowledge into new contexts and develop an understanding of both spoken and written language in a range of contexts.

Pupils are assessed in the following way:

  • Listening 25% Listening and Comprehension examination
  • Speaking 25%  Speaking examination
  • Reading 25% Reading and comprehension examination
  • Writing 25% Written examination