Maths Support available Mon / Wed / Fri every week after school in M5.
Maths Club Tue / Thu every week at lunch in M3.

Key Stage 3

Vision and Priorities

The department’s vision is to develop mathematicians who are confident in the use of maths in real life and abstract contexts. The department follows programmes of studies that are skills based and differentiated.  The CVB_3218department aims to produce students who enjoy Maths and have confidence in their own abilities. To achieve this aim, the department uses many strategies to deepen and improve student’s understanding of mathematics. Programmes of studies involve lots of practise to secure fluency and many opportunities to apply problem solving skills and reasoning. You can read about our Maths mastery programme that we deliver here.

In Maths, all students are taught in sets based on ability and prior attainment including CATS. Sets are reviewed regularly to ensure that students fully access the curriculum and can make progress. The department’s priorities are to secure fluency with multiplication tables and to improve the teaching and learning of problem solving skills.

The Mathematics Curriculum KS3 (Years 7-9)

CVB_3154aIn KS3, students study Maths deepen their understanding in: Number, Algebra, Statistics, Geometry, Ratio and Functional maths. Students focus on reinforcing basic learning skills, establishing high expectations and developing students’ enthusiasm for learning. They develop a number of skills which will enable them to acquire knowledge, which can then be applied to conceptual maths as well as raising the level of challenge to stretch the most able, which will lead them to prepare for the demands of the new GCSEs.

You can read about our Maths mastery programme that we deliver here.

Intervention Programme

The Maths department offer a tailored 1:1 intervention programme, which is aimed at raising the attainment of students, their confidence within maths and building resilience.

Key stage 4

The Mathematics Curriculum KS4 (Years 10-11)

In Year 10 students study Maths for 4 hours a week. Some of the topics we cover are as followws:

  • Number 1 (Standard form, operations, compound interest, depreciation, proportion, ratio)CVB_3245
  • Algebra 2 (equations, formulae and identities, solving equations, solving by substitution)
  • Geometry and Measures 1 (Geometric Reasoning, theorems, facts, transformation of shapes)
  • Statistics (Interpreting graphs and diagrams, scatter graphs, two-way tables, Averages)
  • Geometry and Measures 2 (Measure and mensuration)

 The Mathematics Curriculum in Year 11

In Year 11 students study Maths for 4 hours a week and undertake units of work:

  • Number 2( Surds, Indices, Percentages, fractions, Value for money)
  • Fractions, Ratio and Proportion
  • Algebra 3 ( Simultaneous equations, substitution, vectors, Transformation of graphs)
  • Geometry and Measures 2(Geometric Reasoning: Lines, Angles, Shapes, Construction & Loci)
  • Statistics (Probability, histograms, sampling, bias, skewness, advanced statistical techniques)
  • Geometry and Measures 3 (Trigonometry, Similar shapes, Pythagoras, Area)
  • Revision

Maths Faculty

CVB_3273Enrichment Programmes in Maths

Students are encouraged to participate in after-school Master classes providing them with the opportunity to revise or further develop their mathematical skills. Students participate in the UK Mathematics Challenge, where they compete against other schools nationally developing problem solving skills.


The department uses various forms of assessment as the main strategy to improve teaching and learning. These various forms are verbal, online, diagnostic, end of unit tests, as well as end of year exams.


All classes are set at least one piece of homework per week.  Homework is a very important aspect of learning which makes learners more resilient and independent in their studies.


It is essential for all students to be fully equipped every lesson in order to make all aspects of learning accessible. The following items are necessary for all Students:CVB_3256

  • Scientific Calculator
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Rubber/Sharpener
  • Maths set

You can find out more about what we teach by viewing our curriculum information.

You can also view the extra-curricular activities offered by our faculty here.

Visit the Maths information website (You may need to login using your school email and password)

Changes to the Maths curriculum (Parents Forum topic on Monday 16th March 2015)

Please find below a copy of the presentation from the parents forum on Monday 16th March 2015. Discussions centred on the impending changes to the Maths curriculum from September 2015. The presentation details what changes are going to take place and the steps we are already taking in order to ensure we continue to deliver accelerated progress for all. To find out more about the Parents Forum click here.