For us, “History Matters!” Our vision is to equip every student with an understanding of the past – in order to inform their knowledge of the society in which they are growing up and therefore enable them to contribute as responsible citizens.

Student progress is at the heart of what we do in the History department. Our aim is therefore to develop the quality of teaching to improve rates of progress, allowing potential high achievers to excel whilst ensuring that each individual reaches their potential in the subject. Developing literacy is a key component of success in History so students are encouraged to read widely and there is an emphasis from the outset on clear, formal written and oral communication.

In their learning, students are regularly challenged to consider why we study history and how what they are learning is related to making sense of the society we live in. Rights and responsibilities are promoted with reference to specific curriculum content areas, particularly those related to SMSC/citizenship. History is being chosen by an increasing number of the KS4 students as an option to be taken for GCSE; these students reflect the full range of the schools’ community. We expect the number of students choosing History to continue to rise as it is a Baccalaureate subject and therefore of vital importance for students with high aspirations.

At KS3 pupils should:

  • Extend and deepen their chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history
  • Identify significant events, make connections, draw contrasts and analyse trends within periods and over long arcs of time
  • Use historical terms and concepts in increasingly sophisticated ways
  • Pursue historically valid enquiries and create relevant, structured and evidentially supported accounts in response
  • Understand how different types of historical sources are used rigorously to make historical claims and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed


Curriculum change at KS4 GCSE is imminent so below you can find an outline of the curriculum followed by our current GCSE pupils and the new curriculum for first teaching from September 2016.

Current:  Pupils follow GCSE Specification

  • Medicine through the ages
  • Surgery
  • American West
  • Vietnam


 From 2016:  Pupils will follow the new History GCSE Specification

  • Anglo Saxon and Norman England
  • Superpower Relations and the Cold War 1941-91
  • Crime and Punishment

You can find out more about what is taught in each year group by clicking here.