Key Stage 3

Drama is a vibrant, strong and enthusiastic subject which embeds all the knowledge needed at GCSE in Dramayear 7. Pupils hone their skills in various forms and styles of theatre including mask work, mime, naturalistic acting, musical appreciation of performance, movement, improvisation and devising performance. Theatre history is appreciated by looking at various styles and practitioners (such as Antonin Artaud, Bertholt Brecht, Constantin Stanislavski, Noh Theatre, Greek Theatre, Melodrama and Shakespeare).

Year 7 are taught on a carousel with 3 lessons per week, year 8 have one lesson per week and year 9 have a drama option for 2 lessons per week.


Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4 pupils either practise GCSE Drama or BTEC Drama. Each course runs for 2 years. Both groups participate in theatre trips, various workshops and intensive learning, aimed at exploring the world of theatre and the way in which theatre can be accessed by different media, social insights and practitioners.

The GCSE Course follows the Edexcel specification, completing 3 whole units in the two years. Unit 1 is the exploration of a theme/topic or issue (30% of overall grade), Unit 2 is the exploration of a play’s text and response to a Live Theatre production (30% of overall grade) and the Unit 3 is a devised or scripted performance (40% of overall grade).

The BTEC Course covers 3 units – Acting Skills, Performance, Preparation and Production and an Individual Showcase.