Vision and Priorities

Our department supports the school vision “to equip every student with the knowledge and the skills to develop as individuals, to contribute as citizens and to build happy and fulfilling lives”.

RVHS_CVB2868We have five dedicated suites with approx. 31 student machines in each room; a colour printer; projector and remote management facilities.

In ICT and Computing we aim to enable every child to leave school with an accredited qualification. We strive to reduce the attainment gap between groups of students by making effective use of data to inform teaching and learning and by constantly developing our skills as a teaching team. We aim to support students to understand the key skills and process they need to develop and progress. We are constantly developing a curriculum that involves a range of tasks and activities to support and challenge learners of all abilities. We are currently focussing on developing tasks that encourage students to be independent learners.

ICT TeacherAs teachers we are aware of the integral part that IT and the internet plays in children’s lives. Our aim is to address e-safety issues and develop life skills that will help our students and their families understand the range of risks presented online. We want our students to practice safe and responsible behaviours when using digital equipment, be it a computer, or a mobile phone.  Awareness of e-safety is also supported by presentations made in assembly time.

The ICT and Computing department plays a key part in developing skills that will prepare student’s workplace skills, which in turn will contribute to their economic wellbeing. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum contextualises learning through the use of real life situations, moving towards more problem solving scenarios by the end of the key stage. We use industry standard software and students develop a range of skills and knowledge alongside personal qualities such as the ability to work effectively in teams. Students are well prepared for the Key Stage 4 curriculum where they will study for a GCSE in ICT and/or GCSE Computer Science.


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