Key Stage 3

Year 7 – 1 lesson per week for each half term, then students rotate to another arts subject. Establishing project in September (which will be used to give a starting ability), plus 4 further projects.

Still life drawing and markmaking, colour theory, art from other cultures, pattern and design.

Year 8 – 1 lesson per week
Establishing project plus 4 further projects.

Portraiture, animation, pattern and 3D study

Year 9 – 1 lesson per week
Establishing project plus 3 further projects.

Pop Art, Insects and bugs, Cubism, artist recognition, 3D study

In the final half term after option selection, students join the class they will take into KS4 and will begin their GCSE course on 3 lessons per week.

Key Stage 4

Courses offered – GCSE Art and Design (AQA), GCSE Photography (AQA)

GCSE – 2 major projects (Natural Forms, Human Forms) each worth 30% of total.
Exam project worth 40%
Exam papers pre released in January for a 10 hour exam in May. Students produce their own portfolio of ideas and then produce their final pieces in any material.


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