We are very pleased with our GCSE results, even more so when we put this against the context of the cohort. This was a cohort with prior attainment from KS2 that was significantly below the national average. It was also a cohort with a significantly higher percentage of Middle ability students. In comparison to similar Essex Schools (grouped by KS2 APS on entry), our Maths results are the highest and our English results place us in the middle of this group of similar Essex schools

In the new GCSEs, 72% of all students achieved a ‘good pass’ (Grade 4+) in English (either Language or Literature or both) and 73% of students achieved a good pass in Mathematics. Both of these measures are above the national averages for these subject areas, as was the percentage of students achieving a ‘strong pass (Grade 5+). We are also delighted that a number of students achieved Grades 8s and 9s in both of these subjects and that 22% of our students achieved the English Baccalaureate.

The Progress 8 figures for 2018, compared with the National Average of 0.0:

All English Maths EBacc Open
-0.2 -0.2 0.1 -0.1 -0.4

Other headline figures are:

RVHS Grade 4+ National Grade4+ RVHS Grade 4+ National Grade4+
English 72 62 51 45
Maths 73 60 44 40

There were also a number of outstanding results in other GCSE subjects that were also significantly above the national average. Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science, Computer Science, French, Media Studies, Music and Psychology all achieved grades above the national average. It is also extremely pleasing to note that over 13% of all grades awarded to our students were awarded a grade 7 or above.

Our A Level results were very pleasing and were the best the school has ever achieved. 44% of all grades awarded were at A*-B, 71% of all grades were at A*-C and 97% of all grades awarded were pass grades in the 18 A Level subjects that the school offers.

All students worked incredibly hard and deserved their success. I would like to stress how pleasing the performance of our students actually is. I would like to thank the staff whose expertise and tireless support of the students has helped us achieve these results.

For further information please see the GCSE and A-Level Examination document below.

Results Summer 2018

The destination of our Year 13 Students are as follows (Summer 2018)

Apprenticeship 21
Army 1
Gap year 1
University 42
Work 12
Continuing in Year 13 3
Grand Total 80