BBC School News Report 2016

On Tuesday 1st of March, a selected group of Roding Valley High School students travelled into the shopping, leisure and sporting centre of East London: otherwise known as the regenerated Stratford. We went there to investigate the impact of the transformation of Stratford on the local area and wider community.

Initially, our group divided into several sub-teams which explored different areas of the reconstructed Stratford. One team explored the Olympic Park and surveyed the public for their opinions on the legacy of the Olympic Games and the influence of the regeneration on the local community. Questions asked included, “How has Stratford perceptibly changed since the Olympic Games?” and “What is your opinion of Stratford now?”, both of which had a generally positive response.

Many people replied explaining how Stratford had changed for the better because of the more stable economy and polished area; however, it was also made evident that many people were concerned about the social cleansing that had happened in the area. Prior to the Olympic Games, Stratford was a poor area with an extremely ethnically diverse population. Statistics show that in 2009, 64.6% of residents were recorded as being non-white and many were in poverty as well. Since the Olympic Games, many have been forced to leave their homes due to the drastic increase of housing prices, due to the Olympic Games. But, now affordable apartments and houses are being built in the Stratford area.

Our report shows how the regeneration of Stratford has had a positive influence on the surrounding areas and Stratford itself. Please watch our YouTube video presenting our findings!