Music provision at RVHS

The music department has two main teaching rooms. Performance and listening is taught in one, and composition and music ICT are taught in a suite with Apple Macs and Logicpro.Music lesson 1

Key Stage 3
At key stage 3, students are taught in a carousel through the arts in year 7 where they have three lessons per week for two half terms. In year 8 they have one hour per week and in year 9 two lessons a week.
Students learn keyboard and singing skills through different areas of musical history and media and how to use computer technology to aid composition.
Students learn music notation and diatonic chord sequences.
Students learn about African and Indian music, Reggae, Salsa, Blues, dance music, advertising, film music, computer DJ mixing, radio, hooks and riffs, sound design, acapella, ostinato and ground bass.

Key Stage 4
At KS4 students are offered GCSE music and use the Edexcel Exam Board.
Music Lesson 2They are required to compose two different compositions (30%), play/sing a solo and in a group (30%) and sit a listening exam, based on set works from four areas of study (40%).
The areas of study are:

1 – Western classical music 1600-1899
2 – Music in the 20th century
3 – Popular music in context
4 – World music
Students study five hours of music over two weeks.