Thank you to all who attended the launch meeting, it was fantastic to see you all. Good luck with your projects and I hope you enjoy being creative!
Ms Hanlon and Ms Bingham
Challenge and Enrichment Co-ordinators

Challenge and Enrichment booklet 2017

Challenge & Enrichment 2016

Extended Research Project Celebration Evening

Now in its fourth year running the Extended Research Project Enrichment has again yielded a variety of creative, insightful and enriching projects. The evening was delightful and well attended. It was lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with parents and celebrate the creativity and independent learning of the students who decided to take part. Jill Angold-Stephens, Governor; Stephen Murray, longstanding member of staff and Natalie Sellers, Administration Officer and treasurer of the PTA graciously received the challenging task of judging this year’s successful event.

Prize Winners

Informative and Engaging: Most of the entries this year fell under this category so there was a lot of competition but Saskia Cushings (Year 8) swooped in to take first prize with her immensely detailed and imaginative depiction entitled ‘The Enigma’. Saskia went to great lengths to create a thoroughly comprehensive and interactive piece of art that focussed on a great historical account of World War II and the need to break German codes. A well deserved win!

Innovative and Imaginative:
William Fairhead (year 9) created a tremendously colourful 3D piece portraying his love of Tour De France. The detail was, without doubt exemplary, with use of facts about the sport, and a visual representation of the cycling routes conveyed via a pinboard style. This piece demonstrates what hard work and passion can create. This was most definately enjoyed by all as William was also commended for his efforts in the ‘People’s Choice category’.

Insightful and Engaging: Charlotte Copeman (year 7) with her take on ‘Women’s education’. A fantastic hand stitched canvas illustrating the importance of education, especially for females, with supporting information focussing on ‘The Golden Needle Sewing Club’. Charlotte also focussed on Malala Yousafzai, and her tremendous campaign, fighting for the right to be educated. And, if that wasn’t enough, Charlotte also accompanied this work with a poem, inspired by her topic. A wonderfully inspirational example of a cross curricular project.

People’s Choice: Eloise Hadley (year 8) was the favourite for this award and it is easy to see why. Eloise had carefully constructed a zen garden entitled ‘Chelsea Garden Show’. It was a beautifully elegant and sophisticated use of nature, and culture. The crowd must haven also been won over by her explanation of her love of nature and the inspiration that has been passed on through the generations of her family.

The evening was full of excitement and a buzz for creativity. A massive thank you to the judges; the parents, for their hard work and support; and the students themselves, for the commitment that they have demonstrated in creating such individual and inspiring projects. Can’t wait for next year’s talent!