Year 9 STEM Day 2017

The day consisted of designing a water tight container,making it and then presenting the ideas across. The students really enjoyed themselves and were very engaged in constructing their masterpiece.

Challenge and enrichment evening 2017

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Year 8 Trip to Queen Mary University for Bringing Chemistry Alive

On the 12th July 2017, we visited Queen Mary University in Mile End with our amazing teachers Ms Patel and Ms Collister. We got to experience many scientific experiments, such as, making potions, lotions, ointments and creams.

Bobbi Tucker- At the University we experienced practical lessons with the lecturers in professional science labs. Firstly, we made a hand cream and an ointment. Next we went on to making slime. After that we had lunch in Nandos. Then we started the murder mystery which carried on until it was time to head back to school, so we got back on the train to get back to school.

Amy Wright- The first session we did was making ointments and hand creams. We used an emulsifier and melted it in a warm bath. Once this was melted we added water and stirred it until it formed a lotion. We then added rose scented drops and continued to stir. Once the cream was made we transferred them into a container and labelled them, we got to take these home.

Olympia Barnett- The second lesson we participated in was the slime activity. First we mixed 40 ml of pva with 10 ml borax together to form a slime. Then we added our choice of colouring to the slime and mixed again with a lolly stick. After we had made 3 different coloured slimes we took part in an acid test. This made our slime into a runny consistency before adding another acid to make it back to the original slime.

Olivia Offer- We did a murder mystery session and used chromatography to work out who had blackmailed the victim before killing him. First we took the inks and plotted them along a line 1cm above the bottom of the filter paper. We also drew a line at the top 0.5cm from the top. After, we put them in water and watched them separate into different colours. By doing this we could figure out the murderers pen and match it to the suspects. This was very interesting and fun.

Kaitlin Agius- After lunch we went into the laboratory to start the second part of the day. We did a murder mystery case where we had to do chromatography, flame testing and qualitative testing. For the flame testing we had to put 2 wires into different substances and then burn them in a blue flame causing a different colour to burn for each chemical substance. The qualitative test involved acid and the same substances  . After that we came to the conclusion that suspect E committed the crime. The correct answer was suspect B and amy and olivia won 3rd place getting a prize of celebrations chocolates!

We all really enjoyed this trip and look forward to going on many more trips in the future with Ms Patel and Ms Collister. Thank you Ms Patel and Ms Collister!

Year 7 Science Rewards trip to the Science Museum

On Monday 12th July, a group of year 7 students visited the Science Museum as part of a Science reward. The activities ranged from exploring waves, making various streamlined shapes, using water photography  experiencing how pulleys work, and how the future can be engineered!! The students all enjoyed themselves and was a pleasure to spend the say with them!
Mrs Patel Science Teacher.
The passage below is from William Cratchley:
My experience at the science museum was very interesting as I learnt many new things. I now know which shape travels fastest (the triangle) due to it’s thin structure and how the power of the magnetic pull from a magnet can keep a metal stuck, unable to move, above the ground.  A magnet can also pull a metal along a tube even with a wall in between. This trip was very useful and I know much more about science.
From William Cratchley 7U

Year 7 Maths and Science DDD

On Monday 10th July, all Year 7 students at Roding Valley High School took part in a code breaking day.
The code breaking was very difficult but lots of students persevered through it and became masters of using the Caesar cipher.
Students thoroughly enjoyed the day with one saying, “I really enjoyed the coding…I liked it because it was hard but we eventually solved it.”

Students take part in fundraising fun run

Year 7 students at Roding Valley High School have taken part in a sponsored fun completing two laps of the school playing fields to raise money for the charity ‘Beyond Ourselves’.
The school has partnered with the charity, which supports educational development in Zambia, for several years.
Humanities teacher Judith Hodges, who is co-ordinating the school’s support of the charity, said: “We sponsor ten children at Greater Joy School in Kitwe helping to provide education, a meal, health checks and school uniform for children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. “
Next month nine Roding Valley Sixth Form students will be visiting Roding Valley’s partner school in Zambia during a cultural visit.
The amount raised by the students is not yet confirmed.
The top three finishers were:
Girls: 1 Ella Kourentis; 2 Lucy Salmon; 3 Freya Atherton.
Boys: 1 William Whitehall; 2 Lewis Choules; 3 Charlie Ruse.

National Women Engineering Day at Anglia Ruskin University

23 June 2017

On Friday 23 June 2017, a group of Year 9 girls participated in National Women Engineering Day at Anglia Ruskin University. The day consisted of a range of activities, demonstrations and inspirational talks. The Girls had a chance to visit a foot lab that uses software top determine foot pressure as well as 3D printing and how this is used in hip replacements. The girls were all engaged and asked many questions!

One of the students, Crystal, wrote the following diary of her experience:

On the 23rd of June, Ms Patel took Year 9 girls to  Anglia Ruskin  University in Chelmsford,(East Anglia) for Women’s Engineering.

On this day, we learnt about the different types of engineering, the steps to become an engineer, and what you do as an engineer. My favourite, by far, was biomechanical engineering, as this intrigued me the most. We learnt about how the software is used, the different parts of our knees, and also how hip replacements work.

Professor Raj Hornstrom led us through most of the day, where she explained to us about her quite interesting job, introduced us to her team, and also allowed us to explore the software with her team where they answered any of our questions. Her research team, (whom are only there for the summer term) were very helpful and extremely beneficial as they gave us a lot of insight into the research they are help Prof, Hornstrom in.

We also had a Q&A with 3 other female engineering professors, Oliver(who is a part of Prof. Hornstrom’s team) and Nathalie(just graduated engineer). The question which I asked the female professors was ‘When you were studying to become an engineer, was there anyone who told you  couldn’t do it and broke your self-esteem?’ Their reply was quite inspiring, as they said that even though it is terribly hurtful, no one knows you better than yourself, and if you know you can do it, there is no one that can tell you you can’t.

All four the the professor opened up my mind to not only engineering, but also the struggles of being in a male dominating society, and how to overcome it. Overall, Ms Patel did extremely well with this trip and is an amazing (and super fun) teacher. I definitely look forward to going onto more science trips with her!

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

Wednesday the 10th May was the West Essex finals of the Speak Out Challenge 2017, which saw Aliya Silverstone performing for Roding Valley High School.

As Alice Redknap was the 2016 West Essex Speak Out winner she MC’d the event, doing a brilliant job and doing herself and the school proud.

Aliya Silverstone’s speech was entitled ‘gingers’, detailing the daily struggles and stereotypes put upon readheads and entertained the audience from start to finish, earning her 2nd place in the competition. A video of her speech is below.

All in all it was a brilliant night and Roding Valley definitely left a lasting impression.

Ms Hanlon

Click on the images below to see pictures from the event

Yr11 Essex County School Champions!

On Tuesday 9th May, the Yr11 football team eventually ended up winning the Essex cup final against St Bonaventure’s. It was an end to end game that had everything. Injuries, goals, yellow cards & last minute equalisers.

The game finished 1-1 with our goal being scored by Ben Harris. The game went to extra time & with a lot of tired legs, cramp and injuries the boys fought hard and held on for the game to go to penalties.

The penalties swayed either way with both teams missing penalties, and it went down to the last penalty taker and eventually Roding Valley come out as victors winning 9-8 on penalties.

The boys have worked so hard for this since yr7, and they thoroughly deserve every plaudit and praise they receive from this massive achievement.

Mr Jones

Year 8 District cup winners

The Year 8 Football team managed to win the District Cup Final this afternoon by beating St Marks 3-1 at Met Police, Chigwell.
After dominating possession throughout the game and encounting sun, rain, sleet and hail….we managed to wrap up the victory in the second half with goals from Edward Johnstone, Ali Springer and Nathan Walters.
If you teach or come across any of these students in passing this week please congratulate them on yet again another final and another successful season.
Thank you for all that attended and showed support, and also a huge thank you to John Ryan for his commitment to PE and driving the team to away fixtures this season.
  1. Daniel McSweeney
  2. Toby Hamid
  3. George Taylor
  4. Tommy Harrison
  5. Tom Callagher
  6. Edward Johnstone
  7. Jay Daniels-Hammerston
  8. Mack Stapleton
  9. Jamie Thomas
  10. Joe Marjason
  11. Oliver Rolfe
  12. Micah Newton
  13. Daniel Famigletti
  14. Ali Springer
  15. Nathan Walters
  16. Oliver Rolfe
  17. Alfie Sergent

Mr C. Hudgell

Progress Leader of Year 7 & Teacher of Physical Education/Science
Roding Valley High School

Sixth Form event photos

Inside Justice Trip 2

Poetry by heart competition winner

Congratulations to Harry Smith (y11) who is our school poetry by heart winner (followed by Estella Chambers in 2nd and Santi Aldridge in 3rd). Ms Hanlon will be working with Harry to prepare him for the next round of county judging.